Aesthetics Treatment
Aesthetics Treatment

Skin improvement

Crown Aesthetics is specialized in skin improvement treatments. We have various techniques that allow us to tackle many skin problems. In addition, we find knowledge and innovation very important, which means that we can apply the latest techniques. We are happy to work with you to find the treatment that suits your skin needs.


Crown Aesthetics offers various facial treatments. Depending on your type of home and skin problem, we are happy to advise you on a suitable facial treatment.


With a facial skin improvement is central. We analyze your skin and what your skin needs. At the beginning of every facial we start with a cleansing of the skin. After cleansing, we will exfoliate your skin.


This is the process of removing dead skin cells from the surface of your skin. Impurities are removed after which you receive a nourishing mask. A facial is experienced as relaxing where your skin is well cared for.


Make your skin look healthier, more radiant and more refined with microneedling. This treatment can be used on your face, but also on your body, because it can be worked at different depths.


Microneedling is a safe method for skin rejuvenation, without damaging the skin. Before this treatment we will draw up a plan so that we achieve the best result.

Chemical peeling

Chemical peels soften the dead skin cells, causing them to peel off faster. During the peeling, natural acids cause a reaction with the skin, removing old superficial skin cells. This stimulates the skin to produce new, healthy cells. New, young skin cells come to the surface, making the skin look soft and even.


You will often have to undergo several peels before the desired result is achieved. We will discuss the desired result with you in advance, after which a treatment plan will be drawn up.

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