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Spa Treatment
Spa Treatments

Ready for a massage?

Then you are in good hands with Crown Aesthetics. Massages are available for women with a variety of treatments to choose from. From traditional massages to complaint-solving massages.


These treatments not only help you to relax, but also address discomforts such as chronic pain and other physical complaints.

Relax massage

A relaxing massage is one of the easiest ways to get and stay healthy physically and mentally. It is important for a relaxing massage to completely relax and take away your stress. After a relaxing massage you will feel a lot better and you will have new energy.


Massage is an ancient art and therefore so valuable. It provides an intense and deep relaxation and stimulates the recovery of any imbalance. Our masseuses are happy to take your worries away during a relaxing massage.

Foot massage

There are many pressure points in your foot that deserve attention. A foot massage stimulates the energy flow and can therefore reduce pain. With this foot massage, your feet will be massaged in different ways.


You can get completely zen during a relaxing foot massage at Crown Aestetics.

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