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Crown Aesthetics
Treatments and services to make
you feel confident and beautiful


Crown Aesthetics, a new generation of beauty salon that focuses on the latest developments in the beauty industry.


We are a hand-picked experienced team of beauty and aesthetics experts who take a personalized approach to your beauty enhancement needs.


We combine cutting edge techniques with our “SkinHealth” products to create an experience that fits the needs of each individual guest.


Experience the relaxation and enjoy a wonderful moment for yourself.

Our product line

SkinHealth is a product line of dermo-cosmetic products for the field of aesthetic health and related professions, advised in high-quality cosmetic technology, using the best quality raw materials from European and American houses of recognized prestige and worldwide trajectory.

A team of talented and qualified pharmaceutical industry professionals enables SkinHealth to offer products for cosmetic – dermatological use with clear and immediate results.


With our permanent and extensive SkinHealth product line, we have suitable and good products for every skin type and problem.

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